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Hello, hey there and good day!! Let me be the first, and probably only, to welcome you to my blog! My name is Ethan Murphy and I shall be your host for the ongoing festivities. What festivities you ask? Excellent question my curious yet anonymous friend.

Anyone that knows me knows there are three things in this world I love…and a few things I like. But that’s hardly relevant to the point I’m gradually making. The three things I LOVE are movies, comics and video games. Food’s not bad either but again, relevance.

This little blog is dedicated to my three passionate pleasures, my mistresses of the mind, my incarnations of inspiration. Here, and not there, I will explore the worlds of super heroes and super villains, car chases and shoot-outs, and power-ups and combo moves that have molded me into who, what and how I am today. For better or worse.

In this blog, you the reader, or hacker, will see in-depth interviews with legendary super heroes and super villains. Everyone from Superman and The Incredible Hulk to Lex Luthor and Doc Ock will have a mic in their face and spotlight on their soul as they show the cogs and gears inside the clock that makes them tick. You’ll see a side of these guys that even their custom-made spandex don’t know.

We also have a series of never before seen lists and notes composed by numerous characters from both film and the gaming world. Everything from Mario’s grocery list to Indiana Jones checklist for travel will be here for your eyes to dine on. So bring a spork and steak knife.

For those seeking love, there’s a section dedicated to the dating woes of Darla Dean. A beautiful girl who has the rotten luck of exclusively dating the alter egos of super heroes. Problem is, she’s completely unaware of this fact and can never seem to land Mr. Right. Especially if he can fly.

And for those that crave more bone breaking, neck twisting, name calling madness, we have “Fight Night Fridays.” That’s right, we’ve booked all your fave heroes and villains from movies, comics and games to duke it out in the “Ring of Rough-House” for your modestly priced pleasure. Anything and everything goes in these high stakes fisticuffs!!

Last and definitely least, there will be a little corner for my soapbox. A tiny little platform for me to tell you about myself, my family and my friends through a bunch of stories I’ve collected over my lifetime of personal experiences. Some’ll make you laugh, others cry and some might even make sense. Who knows what could turn up?

Well, my friends, polite enemies and procrastinating hackers, thank you for taking the time to read this brief foreword. I hope to see most, if not all of you again. I can’t promise that this blog will be funny or informative or even enjoyable. But it will be free. And in the end, isn’t that all that matters?

  1. Mark Hopper says:

    I want to see Dr Doom interview Lex Luthor!

  2. baki3626 says:

    Ahh!! It has been taken under advisement, good sir!

  3. tiki says:

    i’m strangely intrigued. something in me is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see what mario eats to maintain that svelte plumber’s figure. as an aside, i think your mother may be slighted disappointed that your utensil of choice is a spork. i’m just saying.

  4. geekgirlat40 says:


  5. baki3626 says:

    I’m pretty anxious too, cuz. 🙂

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