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Posted: May 2, 2012 by baki3626 in Ferne's World
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My husband and I started compiling a list of well equipped, clean bathrooms along highways and byways when my son was a little under a year old.  The list was unofficial for a long time, as in we only made mental notations and then blood swore to each other that we’d remember that bathroom for the next time.  It started outside of Gatlinburg, TN on HWY 321 when we were desperate for a child friendly bathroom.  I cannot remember the name of the gas station (our blood oath worked really well.)  I never made it into the women’s restroom, since there was a Mothman (not affiliated with the movie) guarding the doorway.  Literally, there was a human sized moth standing between me and relief.  Not a child friendly restroom.

The list became more important as we began potty training our son, which happened to coincide with the month or so he felt it necessary to touch everything that was stationary with his “Tally whacker,” thus prompting us to keep a written log of legitimate places to “Log Out,” if you will.  “The Captain’s Log” was born.  Note to real Trekkies – if you are expecting any sort of REAL relevance to “Star Trek,” you’re going to be disappointed.

Our first online “log” entry is a little Gas Station/Grill/Market off of Highway 421, which happens to be appropriately named “421 Market and Grill.”

Located off of Highway US-421 in Kernersville on East Mountain Street, this is a gem of a place.  The early morning cashier is my favorite.  She always calls you “Honey,” andshe wears her lip liner about 7 shades darker than her shimmer lip stick, so she’s not judging me for wearing pajama jeans and a Paul Frank t-shirt.

The bathroom is always fully stocked and clean.

It’s well decorated.  (Tim McGraw!)

There’s a shop vac and something that resembles an oxygen tank.  Perhaps this is for the die hards who want to pretend they are actually using the potty in the vacuum of space.

As if it could get any better, once your child has successfully “disembarked” and washed his/her hands, you get to refill and recharge…at the gas station or grill.  Their gas is so-so in pricing, but they have a great foot long hot dog lunch special daily, but if you’re not in the mood for that, they have your typical diner food at breakfast and lunch…and their food is kid friendly also!

Feel free to go and visit the 421 Market and Grill, and please don’t feel free to share with me what you or your kid did there.

Here’s a little side note or two on how you can confirm whether your gas station bathroom is “log” worthy.

-Ask a UPS, Fed Ex, etc. delivery man.  They always know where to “go.”

-They do not have giant sized bugs guarding the door.

-There’s a restaurant attached (I think this is part of their health department grading.)

  1. Jennifer Moorhead says:

    You should be a writer!!!

  2. rush1960 says:

    I can definitely relate to this great story! Totally enjoyed it! If you need a list of “log” worthy spots along Hwy 29 from Virginia to Georgia, please let me know. 🙂

  3. Please feel free to list away. 😀

  4. baki3626 says:

    This should be in every driver’s glove compartment. Get rid of the gloves.

  5. geekgirlat40 says:

    Enjoyed this immensely and can totally relate!

  6. baki3626 says:

    YAYYY!!! 🙂

  7. colearosa says:

    I comment on how well you write , then I realize you made “Talley Whacker” 2 words. Now as paw paw Olin would say, it’s definitely one word “Talleywhacker”. Course down here in National Championship country, Mens’ Football, 13 and women’s gymnastics 6 I would surmise I could be wrong. Got to google this one! Great Post!

  8. Well, my spell check came up and said “Tallywhacker” as one word was incorrect. Perhaps my spell check is a bit prudish. 🙂

  9. baki3626 says:

    Spell check: the fascist of fine literature.

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