You’re a “Mother”, of Sorts

Posted: May 9, 2012 by baki3626 in Ferne's World
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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.  Whether you’re a mother in the biological sense or someone called you a “Mother,” of sorts, we’re celebrating you (and me) on Sunday.

Honestly, I’d completely forgotten that Mother’s Day was upon us.  We’re not really big on Hallmark Holidays around my house.  We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  At least once a year, I forget my wedding anniversary.  I forget birthdays, even my own; I forget that I am 31 years old, and I tell people often, BY MISTAKE, that I am younger.

Then Will came home from preschool with this little gem of literary genius about me….

Here’s the Q & A session, just in case you cannot read the above picture.

My Mom’s name is –


She is

55 years old

She likes to –

cook me food

My favorite thing my mom cooks is –

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

I like it when my mom wears –

a dress with flowers

This is what I like to do with my mom –

Play Mario Galaxy Two

The best present my mom has given me is a –


My mom is special because

– she can drive a truck. 
The first thing I noticed was that Will’s teacher misspelled “Samurai.”  That’s encouraging.  They must have stopped teaching the Japanese way of the sword in Early Childhood Education classes, and in turn, they stopped learning how to spell it.  I petition we bring that back.

Then I read that my son clearly thinks I am a menopausal short-order-cook that also drives a big rig….kinda like “Large Marge” from the1980’s cult classic “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.”

Still, I am not discouraged.  I am not discouraged because he knows I am his “Mommy.”  He tells me that I am not just “pretty” but “beautiful” in this flowered dress I wear sometimes.  He loves playing “Super Mario Galaxy 2” with me.

He considers me microwaving his chicken nuggets “cooking,” but at least he thinks I am good at it.

My child is proof that you don’t have to be Mother Teresa to be revered.  He loves me for who I am, and apparently, who I am not, but he loves me all the same.

Happy Mother’s Day!  Now, go call someone a  “mother” and win some friends.

  1. rush1960 says:

    Lovely…. actually brilliant. 🙂

  2. geekgirlat40 says:

    Awesome! I love that he likes you can drive a truck and play video games! Too bad about the extra years he put on ya though. 🙂

  3. baki3626 says:

    Awzzum job, Ferne. Makes me wanna have a kid or two. 😉

  4. Ferne. Large Marge is an important part of every kid’s childhood. Your son clearly thinks the world of you. Can’t wait til my son can write. Or talk. We’ll take either.

  5. Large Marge was what kept me from riding my bike too far from the house. I thought she was going to “get me.” 🙂

  6. Ben Emery says:

    You’re always a mother to me and Will! Actually you just might be a saint. Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. […] him to, he requested a Super Mario Galaxy party.  If you recall from one of my previous blog posts “You’re a Mother of Sorts,” you’ll remember that Will thinks Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii is the mecca of Mommy/Will […]

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