Posted: May 10, 2012 by baki3626 in Where in the World is Jamala?
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Let’s see..welcome to Where in the World is Jamala! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy traveling the world with me and don’t ask to revoke my passport! For my inaugural post I’ve decided to start off with one my most recent trips around the world to Singapore. While last year I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, this year I made it all the way over to Singapore, where I then traveled to Indonesia, before heading up to mainland China, and finally ending up back in Hong Kong.

Traveling to Singapore was by far the longest flight of my life! There is a whole day of the year and my life that I never got to experience. I left on the 7th and arrived on the 9th, what happened to the 8th is a mystery to me 🙂 One thing that I learned on this flight was that if you sit in the window seat say no to the drinks because you will only get a bathroom break when the person next to you is either A) not sleeping B) not eating C) doesn’t have a dozen things out of their carry on, or D) have gone to the bathroom themselves. In the case of D, you better hope you’re not sitting next to a camel-like individual or you’re doomed!

My first impression was that it looked just like a major U.S. city. Think New York, but with a lot less trash! There are skyscrapers lined up along the waterfront, with Central Park thrown in weird places. I found parks on the side and tops of buildings, who are the engineers over there?! The most impressive of which was the Marina Bay Sands hotel! Ironically about a year ago my mom had sent me a photo of a hotel in Singapore with a park on top of it. I would have never thought at the time that I would get a chance to see it up close and personal. It’s spectacular! How on earth do you get palm trees to grow in the air? Not only is there a park at the top, but there is an infinity pool. It really looks like you’re dropping off the edge of the sky! To top it off the whole top is in the shape of a boat, try to imagine a cruise boat on top of a 50 storied hotel, and you can get a sense for the mind boggleness of it all. Between the floating parks and the awesome food courts it’s a tough call for which I enjoyed more. Believe it or not but they have some awesome food courts. The one closest to my hotel included every kind of food you could imagine from dumplings to Turkish kabobs, everything from picking out your own fresh veggies to selecting your favorite fish.

While it may remind me of New York it’ surprising how small the city really is…I discovered this when I took the opportunity one night to go to the Night Safari at theSingapore Zoo. Turns out it’s right on the border, only took 30 mins by cab. It’s the only nocturnal zoo in the world, doesn’t even open until 7:30pm. Apparently many animals that are typically found in a zoo would naturally be up at night. This zoo gives you a chance to see animals like lions, tigers, and…giraffes in their natural state. Imagine riding along through a forest in an open-sided tram and 3 feet to the left is a giant crane walking next to you. Or a hippo hanging out ten feet to your right. That’s how close we got to these creatures that are most often viewed from a distance. My first thought? This would never work in the US! One can only imagine the number of lawsuits a place like this would have on its hands! One bad stretch of the hand towards that crane and you may find yourself left with “fingers numbering nine”. Besides, would you really want to be left alone in the dark with this snake wrapped around you? Happened in Singapore!


  1. Singapore looks amazing!

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