US Virgin Islands: St. Thomas & St. John

Posted: May 17, 2012 by baki3626 in Where in the World is Jamala?
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For some the idea of a family vacation may be similar to a horror movie, with chainsaws and grisly times, but in our family we usually have a ball and more people than we can handle! I was fortunate to travel on such a trip with my family and friends to the beautiful islands of St. Thomas and St. John. Overall we had a wonderful time, warm sandy beaches and even free rum 🙂 There were 8 of us, a girls trip, spanning 6 states across the U.S, we all came together in the Cyril King Airport.

Travel tip #1 we found on this trip was to remember the name of the driver of your cab from the airport. When one of us forgot their iPhone in the van by some stroke of luck from the backseat I recalled his name card on the dashboard and we were able to track down the driver, and even get the phone back! See there are some honest people still around!

While I have been to the Caribbean before every time I go I am amazed at the clearness of the water. Growing up on the East coast, most of my experience has been with the cold Atlantic waters, where you can’t see a thing past your ankles. Not so in the Caribbean, you can actually see your toes!

Going in the off season has it perks as well. The beaches were certainly less crowded; we practically had Trunk Bay to ourselves! Trunk Bay was by far my favorite beach that we visited; they have a self-guided snorkel path that you can follow at your own leisure. (for those of you like me that are not comfortable swimming, not to worry there is a lifeguard in a canoe in the area)

A couple of other things to note for those thinking of traveling there: (1) bring your bug repellent, I was eaten alive on those nights that I forgot to put on my Skin-so-soft! (2) there are no economies of scale when it comes to transportation, the cabs charge by the person not the distance! We found a really cool driver to take us around, which was pretty neat 3) don’t forget about the simple pleasures, there was something about the joy of a child chasing a beach ball that really summed it all up.


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