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D5: “The Mouth”

Posted: July 31, 2012 by baki3626 in Comic Monday
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Name: Gabriel Jennings III

Code Name: Volt

Height: 5’10

Weight: 170

Background: CIA

Expertise: Hi-tech warfare

Weapon of choice: Collapsible quarter-staffs 

Powers/Abilities: Able to produce and conduct electricity

Quote: “Yes, I’m THEE Gabriel Jennings.”

Gabriel Jennings III comes from a long line of intellectuals. Son of two Nobel Prize winning astrophysicists, he was genetically designed for a high scientific aptitude. At the age of 19, he graduated from MIT with honors.

But despite his sophisticated mind, Gabriel’s mouth is what most know him for. His wit is so insightful that it is literally disturbing. And his superiority complex is driven by his overwhelming yet charming arrogance. With such a colorful personality, he has accumulated about as many romantic entanglements as he has brain cells.

After college, the CIA approached Gabriel with a job about engineering unique technologies for the government. He quickly started testing his own tech in the field and became a surprisingly capable operative.

During one of his missions with “DEFCON 5”, Gabriel ended up being granted the ability to produce and conduct electricity. This new power plays very well with his mechanically inclined mind. Nicknaming himself “Volt”, Gabriel now does things that go far beyond the imagination of Einstein.






Name: Allana Givens

Code Name: Apex

Height: 5’9

Weight: 125

Age: 30

Background: Ghost Recon

Expertise: Military tactics and edged weapons

Weapon of choice: Ballistic Knife

Powers/Abilities: Energy wave manipulation

Quote: “Stand down or be put down.”

Allana Givens, better known as “Apex” is just as capable as she is captivating. She enlisted in the marines the day after graduating from high school and quickly managed to work her way up the ranks. Before her 21st birthday she earned herself a coveted spot in Ghost Recon. 

After repeatedly proving herself in the field, Allana was appointed with the role of team leader in a highly covert team referred to simply as “DEFCON 5”. One of the team’s missions involved the transport of an ancient alien case with unknown contents. In a valiant effort to keep the case from falling into enemy hands, Allana and her team ended up being mortally wounded. As a result of the team’s actions, the alien contents within the case decided to aid them.

Unfortunately, the alien’s help came at a cost. Allana ended up being granted the ability to manifest her will into displaced kinetic energy. The stronger the will, the more energy she exerts. Unable to control this properly, Allana has to wear a special set of gauntlets on her wrists that concentrate her powers and make them more manageable. But despite having this bizarrely lethal ability, Allana still likes to carry her combat knife as a backup.


Hello my dear friends and welcome to a very special Comic Monday! Today my peoples, I bring you a whole new book from my little comic universe. I call this one “DEFCON 5”.

The easiest way to describe this book is to say that it’s like the “X-men” meets the “X-Files.” A team of super powered government agents take the most highly confidential cases and battle a series of enemies that the government itself denies the very existence of.

The exact manner in which this team acquired their abilities is a bit complicated. Suffice it to say, extraterrestrials believe in karma.

Please come back next week to see more. Until next time…

I’ve been trying to walk every day.  Health experts say you should strive-to-stride at least 10,000 steps daily.  I don’t know what that equates to in mileage, but who’s counting, right?  Just me and my trusty pedometer, that’s who.  

I generally like to take time during my walks to unplug from handheld technology and just ponder the world I know.  I also like to pretend I’m some sort of “Step Stalker” on my walks with Pedo (sometimes I call it that for short,) which always gets a snicker.  

I found myself reminiscing today during my stroll about the time I went to Target to purchase my pedometer.  Imagine my surprise when the pedometers and similar exercise aids were on lock-down.  Seriously.  I had to call in the Target squad to come unlock the display for me.  I hadn’t realized that pedometers, heart rate monitors, etc. were such “HOT” items.  I don’t recall ever walking in Times Square having people try to peddle pedometers at me.  Other than video games, smart phones and cameras, I dare say I’ve never seen any other Target merchandise “behind bars.”  

Now, let’s venture over to Target’s competitor, Walmart.  

Walmart’s pedometers are wide open, but you can’t buy a razor, or a shotgun or even baby formula without assistance, which makes sense because all of those items purchased in one transaction sounds like a really bad combination.  “Save Money. Live Better.”  Walmart protects its shoppers, and most importantly, their offspring!
I decided to do a little research, and by research, I mean I did a Google search.  I was surprised at my findings.  Did you know that razors and baby formula are two of the most shoplifted items in America?  According to this website, they are.  

Pedometers are not on that list.  So…why are you corralling the pedometers, Target?  I think they’re worried they’ll get up, and get this….walk away!  Maybe Target is a magical land after it closes, where pedometers like to do walkabouts, travel to the sportswear sections, and become stowaways in pairs of pants like moths to a flame, thus making it incredibly difficult to sell them.  It could happen.  I think I’m on the right track here.  

As far as Target’s daytime magic goes, they do have the power to make me buy items that aren’t on my shopping list.  “ABRACADABRA!  SHAZZAAM!”  Magically broke!  Works every time.

I’m so happy I’ve answered the burning question, “Why are Target pedometers under house arrest?” Yet, I find myself perplexed that by the end of my walk, I have more questions than answers….

What happens in Walmart at night?

Should I be concerned with Heart Rate Monitors and their nightly activities

Until tomorrow….

Best of Enemies: Page 10

Posted: July 9, 2012 by baki3626 in Comic Monday
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A very special hello to you very special people. Today’ Comic Monday features the last page in the “Slate & Ashe” story “Best of Enemies.” I hope you enjoyed the ride. And don’t worry, Slate & Ashe will definitely be back for more soon. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Take care, blog-o-sphere.

If you’d like to see more “Slate & Ashe” and be kept up to date about all things cops and zombies, please feel free to check us out on Facebook at!/SlateAshe

Thank you all for your time -Ethan M.-

Best of Enemies: Page 9

Posted: July 2, 2012 by baki3626 in Comic Monday
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A very good day to you all and to you all a very good day! On this weeks episode of Comic Monday, our two main characters get into a bit of a dispute. But it’s just their way of expressing themselves. Hope you enjoy. Until next time…

Tunnel of Doom

Posted: July 1, 2012 by baki3626 in Family Fables
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When I was just a little tike, I would often times badger,…I mean, ask my parents for a little brother. And my parents would often times assure me that it wasn’t gonna happen. So I decided to turn to a higher power and ask Santa Claus for one. When he suggested I just settle for a football or candy bar, I figured I would bust out the biggest guns I knew. If my so-called parents and an out of work actor with clinical halitosis in a Santa suit couldn’t get me what I wanted, surely God could. I didn’t really understand all the mechanics of praying but I’d heard enough people in my family yell out God’s name as they asked for something crazy. So one day, I rode my busted little Huffy to the top of a hill, sat Indian style under a tree, folded my grimy little hands closed one of my eyes and asked the biggest of big guys for my own little brother. And believe it or not….NOTHING HAPPENED!! The wind didn’t move, the clouds didn’t start to whirl and the stork didn’t crash into my house!

We did however move from my hometown of Pennsylvania to North Carolina. And on the day that we moved in, the family that lived next door came over and introduced themselves to us. They called themselves “The Dickens” and were really nice people despite the fact that they talked kinda like cartoon characters. I was a seven-year old from Pennsylvania. I’d never heard a southern accent outside of Yosemite Sam or Baloo or some other random Disney animal. Any hoo, this funny sounding group of folks had a little boy of their own. And when I say little I’m talking Mario BEFORE he eats the mushroom, little. Guy was resting his chin on my knee and I barely stood at sea level. But despite his itty-bitty, little witty stature, I instantly liked him. His name was Brian(I called him BD for short) and before the end of the day we were closer than butt-cheeks. If I was Batman, he was Robin. If I was peanut-butter, he was jelly. And if I was the big brother, he was the little one. This tiny-tubby was the answer to the prayer I sloppily made on the hill a few years earlier.

Since I was the bigger brother, we both ASSUMED I was the smarter of the two. Which means any bonehead, dumb-ass, sure-to fail scheme or plan I concocted, BD followed like Sancho Panza on a quest with Don Quixote. One such “Windmill” adventure was when I thought it would be a high quality idea to ride our skateboards down the runoff gutters next to the street. They were kinda these long running half-pipe thingies that went down at a slope from BD’s house to mine. Oddly enough, our skateboards fit in them perfectly. The only hiccup was that at the end of this canal of fun resided a very long, tight and dark tunnel that ran under my driveway. Plus there were some rats that lived in the tunnel. But I was a professional skateboarder. I’d seen Tony Hawk on television at least three times and had all his moves down pact.

And if Tony could do it, I could. And if I could, BD could. Or he’d at least severely injure himself trying to try. Besides, that big, scary tunnel was all the way at the end of our kick-ass skate path. And the rats usually only bit girls. So what could possibly go wrong!?! Other than damn near everything.

As I clumsily positioned myself at the top of the canal, BD carefully put on his skate helmet and tried to figure out exactly what we were doing and why we were doing it. “Are you sure you saw Tony Hawk do this?” he asked.

I laughed at my little brother’s stupid innocence. “Have I ever NOT been sure of anything?!”

“That time at the pool when you dove in off the lifeguard tower and landed on….”

“Yeah, I know who I landed on, BD. I was there, remember? And she’s mostly fine now.” I then assured my little bro, who I now realize SHOULD have been the brains of our outfit, that his goofy looking skate helmet was cutting off the thinking to his brain and that this was gonna be more fun than anything else we’d ever done before…ever!

And without another sensible thought, I got a running start and blazed off down the canal. I easily made it 7 feet before I flew off the board like ribs from a grill during a cookout at a family reunion. But sweet lord of Haagen-Dazs extra chunky rocky road ice cream, was it fun!

“Can I try?!” asked my plucky young sidekick.

“You’re wearing that stupid-ass helmet, aren’t ya!?!?”

And like Jumping Jack Flash, BD took off down the canal like bacon grease on a hungry tongue! And he made it even further than I did before he flew one way and the board flew in every other way.

We indulged in our little sewer made carnival for another hour or so. And although it was even more fun than I had planned, we had yet to skate the entire length of the canal. We’d either fall off before we got to the end or REALLY fall off. So I decided that I was gonna make it to the end. No matter what, I was gonna do it. I was gonna skate right up to the very tip of the tunnel and then I’d zoom out of the canal at the last-minute before entering it. Just like Tony Hawk would do! And who’d know more about doing what Tony Hawk would do than me?!

“Hey BD?!” I yelled. “Stop bleeding for a sec and watch this!!” I took off down the skate canal with all the grace and skill of Jackie Chan in a bar room brawl! Me and the board were one. I was doing it! I was skating the canal like Blackbeard skated the high seas. I was making Tony Hawk proud! Nothing was going to go wrong! I had made it! I was all the way at the end of the skate canal and….and I couldn’t stop!! Not sure why this surprised me. I had no control of myself when I was going slow at the top of the hill and crashing. Now that I was at the bottom and actually had some real speed, I was in a whole new rainbow of screwed!!

“Jump!!” yelled BD. And for the first time, I decided to listen to him. Not hours ago like I should’ve! But now! I mustered every last striation of muscle tendon I had and ejected from my board. And by some random act of the cosmos, I made it off safely. Apparently God really does love babies and fools! As I got up and used my hands to carefully place my heart back in its chest, I realized that my trusty, kick-ass skateboard wasn’t around. I also remembered that my skateboard was very expensive and my mama told me not to lose, damage, scratch, or even hurt it. And that if I did lose, damage, scratch or hurt my skateboard she would do all the above to me….A LOT!

“Where’s the skateboard, BD?! You see it?!”

Brian slowly raised a single finger and pointed at the deep, dark, dingy, dank tunnel of doom. “There.” he said. “It’s in there.”

“DDDDAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I casually remarked.

To be continued…**CLICK HERE FOR PART 2**