The Unknown Line of Defense

Posted: July 16, 2012 by baki3626 in Comic Monday
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Hello my dear friends and welcome to a very special Comic Monday! Today my peoples, I bring you a whole new book from my little comic universe. I call this one “DEFCON 5”.

The easiest way to describe this book is to say that it’s like the “X-men” meets the “X-Files.” A team of super powered government agents take the most highly confidential cases and battle a series of enemies that the government itself denies the very existence of.

The exact manner in which this team acquired their abilities is a bit complicated. Suffice it to say, extraterrestrials believe in karma.

Please come back next week to see more. Until next time…

  1. Athena says:

    Sooooo happy to see this!

  2. baki3626 says:

    Thanks Athena. Me too. 🙂

  3. Did you make this one too?

  4. baki3626 says:

    I created the world/characters and write the stories but I didn’t draw anything. I don’t do drawing. Haha. 🙂

  5. Geeker says:

    artwork is good. plot sounds good. looking forward to more 🙂

  6. baki3626 says:

    Thanks a lot, Geeker. We hope you enjoy what follows. And if not we’ll give you some kind of figurative refund. 😉

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