Posted: August 25, 2012 by baki3626 in Notifications

Good afternoon good people! It is my great honor to introduce you to my esteemed colleauge and friend Susan “Athena” Holland. Recently Athena wrote a post that I enjoyed so much that I just had to share it with my own blogging community. Slap your eyeballs on this! You won’t be sorry.

The Geekiest Girl

pssst: click the pic to get to the site to buy this beauty! Thx

Update 8/29/12: Since I first posted this, 3 of the 4 musicians on this album tweeted about it! How awesome is that? (WarRock was busy – he and a friend’s tech tools were stolen [they both make their living online], so he rocked a 24 hour rap-a-thon to raise enough money to replace their tools AND had enough left over to donate more than $1200 to charity. Way to turn that lemon into champagne! You can read all about it here.)

Fun Razor = fundraiser. Mikal kHill, Tribe One, Jesse Dangerously and Adam WarRock are nerdcore hip-hop musicians going on tour this fall and doing everything themselves. That’s right: they book, promote and get their own selves and gear to each show. And they need our help.

Fun Razor gives us awesome tunes and we give these independent musicians gas money. Nifty…

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