Playing Dress Up (Part 1)

Posted: October 2, 2012 by getstitcheddesigns in Ferne's World
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We like playing pretend around our house.  Any opportunity my son and I get to play “Make Believe” and wear costumes, we’re pretty stoked about it.  My husband, well, that’s another story.  He participates in his own way.

Take Halloween for instance:  Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday, tied only with Christmas and Independence Day.  We are in a perpetual state of Halloween costume planning 365 days a year.  My costumes in the past have been hit or miss, and their level of success really depends on the amount of time I allow myself to execute my idea.  I’ve had mostly serious fails, which usually consisted of my “handmade” costume ideas and really about two wins in my costume history, both of which were purchased.


Please note that in my “Wind” Costume image, that is not a duck face or a kissy face.  That’s much too cliché.  That is a “Wind Face.”  I am blowing air, as you can see from that glittery wind coming from my mouth.  The fact that I need to explain it shows why it was not successful; although, I do like to “Make Believe” that it wasn’t lame.  That’s the land I live in. 

My husband pretends to be Gaylord Focker, “The Murse,” every Halloween, and this has been the case for the past six years.  This way, he can get away with wearing “pajamas,” and no one calls him a humbug for not participating in the festivities.


My son’s first few Halloween costumes were really pretty simple.  I bought them; he wore them.  Gotta love that.  Below we have “The Happiest Pumpkin in the World,” “Sock Monkey,” and “Guy Bones.”  “Guy Bones” is glow in the dark skeleton pajamas.  When in doubt, pull the pajamas out!  Just ask my hubby, and he’ll tell you those are words to live by.


When my son turned three, his tastes became more varied, so I was not as successful at finding off-the-rack costumes.  Insert Homemade costumes again.  For example, a year ago for a friend’s Super Hero Birthday Party, Will asked to be the obscure Turboman from “Jingle all the Way.”  You know, the 1990’s Christmas movie with Sinbad and Arnie Schwarzenegger.


I’d like to say we managed okay with a little help from some aluminum foil, soda bottles, streamers, duct tape and cable ties.  (Similar Tutorial Here ) They don’t even sell Turboman costumes; we found an Iron Man costume that was more red than burgundy, and it worked.  If you were in the market for a Turboman Action Figure, which ironically was a requested Christmas item from Will that year, good luck with that because they are close to $200 buckaroos; although, they do have a really cool Cube Craft Art Turboman Here and Here if you feel like making a miniature paper version.

Now that Halloween is approaching again, Will has of course requested something that he wants me to make instead of buy.  Actually, he pretty much told me I had to make it in so many words.  Part two of this blog post will be a “Shaun the Sheep” costume and a Yoshi costume, and I’ll have a little crochet tutorial to go along with it.


  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    The win was a good idea.. haha..

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