Playing Dress Up (Part Deux)

Posted: October 31, 2012 by getstitcheddesigns in Ferne's World
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Halloween is in the air….so get a big Whiff!

Once Will realized that I was pretty handy at making his costumes, he has INSISTED from that point forward that I do so, even if I could buy it.  Last year for Halloween, he begged to be Shaun the Sheep, and I wasn’t able to buy a costume for him since it was not super mainstream, so I feel I managed pretty well.  He was happy!

If you’ve been following my posts, you now know that my child is fully obsessed with anything and everything Super Mario.  Yoshi is his favorite, so guess who we are this year for Halloween?

I’d like to say that I came up with the hat idea all by myself, but I didn’t.  I found inspiration here, and I dare say that this yarn artist, Handmademonster, kind of kicks my ass in the Yoshi department, but I’m happy I was able to muster a knock-off almost worthy of theirs!

Now, here come the patterns for the boots and Mario’s saddle all you crochet nerds like me out there…

For Will’s little Yoshi boots, I purchased this really cool pattern on Etsy.

As for the saddle, I winged that, and I’m sharing it with you all for your little Yoshi monsters!

Mario’s Saddle for Yoshi


SC (Single Crochet)

Ch (Chain)

BLO (Back Loop Only)

STS (stitches)


K Hook:  for the Red Saddle

J Hook: for the White Saddle Brim

G Hook: For the Green shoulder straps

Stitch Markers (if desired)

Polyfill (to stuff the saddle)


Red Heart Super Saver in Red (Color A)

Bernat Baby Boucle’ in White (Color B)

Vanna’s Choice in Fern in Green (Color C)

*For the saddle (Color A,) you will hold two strands of yarn together throughout.  Also, gauge does not matter.

*Use a stitch marker as necessary.  There is no joining while working on the saddle.

Saddle (Color A) & K Hook MAKE TWO

Ch 2

Row 1:  7 SC in 2nd Chain from Hook (7 sts)

Row 2:  2 SC in each SC (14 sts)

Row 3:  1 SC in 1st SC, 2 SC in Next all the way around (21 sts)

Row 4:  1 SC in next 2 SC, 2 SC in Next all the way around (28 sts)

Row 5:  1 SC in next 3 SC, 2 SC in Next all the way around (35 sts)

Row 6:  1 SC in next 4 SC, 2 SC in Next all the way around (42 sts)

Row 7:  1 SC in next 5 SC, 2 SC in Next all the way around (49 sts)

Row 8:  1 SC in next 6 SC, 2 SC in Next all the way around (56 sts)

Row 9:  1 SC in next 7 SC, 2 SC in Next all the way around (63 sts)

Row 10:  1 SC in each SC all the way around in the back loop only (BLO)  (63 sts)

Slip Stitch to first SC.

Fasten Off and weave in ends.

Hold two red saddle pieces together and Switch to J Hook and attach Color B.  You’ll be working through both saddle pieces all the way around.

2 SC in each SC around the red saddle to create a white border, leave a small space in order to stuff Polyfill, then continue 2 SC in each stitch until you can slip stitch to first SC.  (126 sts)

Fasten off

Switch to G Hook and Color C for the straps MAKE TWO

Ch 8 (8th ch is the turning chain)

SC in the 2nd ch from hook and across the row (7 sc)  Ch 1, Turn.

Continue to do this same step until your strap reaches about 20 inches in length (or longer if necessary for sizing.)  Fasten off.

Sew straps to the saddle as seen below

And….Voila!  Mario is ready to hop on!

If you have any questions about my pattern, ask someone else because I have no idea what I’m talking about….KIDDING!  I’m happy to help in any way that I can!  Happy Halloween, and have fun playing dress up!

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  2. That is very cute. Being a life-long Nintendo fan, a good Mushroom Kingdom costume is an automatic ‘thumbs-up’ =)

  3. Nikki says:

    Just a quick question, as I am getting better at imitating, but not 100% there yet… do you have a pattern for your yoshi? or even a basic idea of how you did the eyes… those I think are the only part I would struggle with?
    TIA and Great Job!

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  5. I’m just seeing this comment. So sorry. I did not write a pattern for yoshi unfortunately. Most was done by feel.

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