About Ferne

I pretend to use “The Force” when approaching automatic doors.

I am the MacGyver of glue guns.

I believe reading the book first ruins the movie.

I tried to learn French by watching French foreign films without subtitles.

  1. 1) That is hilarious =)
    2) I must admit ignorance to glue guns. Do they break often?
    3) Very true. But one must read the book to decide if it would be a good movie, and many must read it to convince executives to make the movie. Darn Catch-22’s!
    4) Intriguing. I take it that ‘tried’ meant it did not work out?

    That is an awesome hat on your boy. He’s a good-looking young man =)

  2. […] site is contributed to by the witty and interesting trio of Ethan, Ferne and Jamala.  Despite his modesty, Ethan is better looking than me.  Jamala shows us all the […]

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