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D5: “The Kid”

Posted: September 3, 2012 by baki3626 in Comic Monday
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Code Name: “Justin”

Real Name: Kuu-ravv

Height: 5’7

Weight: 120

Background: Air Force 

Expertise: Aeronautics

Weapon of choice: Tonfa

Powers/Abilities: Able to temporarily manipulate solid matter into different shapes

Quote: “Whatever.”

Many eras ago, a large meteor crashed into the surface of the Earth. Six aliens from Venus happened to be traveling along with this meteor and were put into a preservative state upon impact. After countless millennia ,these foreign beings were finally found by paleontologists and collected by the British government.

While trying to transport the alien creatures to the U.S., the “DEFCON 5” ended up being fatally wounded and were left for dead. To keep the team from dying, the aliens bonded with them hoping to heal their wounds. The bonding process had bizarre consequences the aliens themselves did not anticipate.  

When the aliens fused with the severely injured humans they were able to save their lives. All of them except for Kuu-ravv. Unlike the other aliens, Kuu-ravv was still very young by Venusian standards and as a result his body wasn’t as capable of sustaining a full-grown dying life form. As a result, the original human that Kuu-ravv was trying to save died and Kuu-ravv’s alien consciousness became the dominant one.

The fused being that Kuu-ravv’s efforts yielded is neither human nor alien. It is in fact a mixture of the two with both human and alien traits. As well as some new ones that neither had on their own. His red skin, white hair and large blue eyes are due to the cross breeding of DNA. The fusing also gave Kuu-ravv the ability to alter the shape of any solid object he touches. And since Kuu-ravv’s youthful consciousness became the dominant one, he has the personality of a melancholy teenager. Hence Volt giving him the nickname “Justin” since he sounds like Justin Bieber when he talks.