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Chalk It Out

Posted: June 6, 2012 by baki3626 in Ferne's World
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All children love sidewalk chalk.  Some parents tolerate “Chalking it Out” with their children, and some like it.  This mommy loves it.  You get to create masterpieces; it rains; your canvas is blank again.  Voila! If you all knew the prices of art canvases, you’d be thankful for freebies too.  Freebies are pretty SWEET!

Will and I have been bulking up our chalk game for a while now.  We started small with still life portraits of rainbows and what-nots, and we’ve moved on to animate objects.  We drew this little froggie after watching Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” last weekend.

We were pretty impressed and felt it was time to take our A-Game past our driveway and into the real world.  I created a game called “Guerilla Chalking.”  This is where Will and I draw chalk pictures in public, but we try to be discreet.  Unfortunately, Will hears “Guerilla” and thinks there are Primate Picassos running about drawing pictures, so he has to make monkey noises as he draws.  About the only thing Will draws on our outings is attention.

Our focus is to make our local businesses and government agencies smile with our artwork.  We drew this next picture outside of our local police station.

They liked it.  They liked it so much, that they invited even MORE police officers to come and see it.  Then we received a personal police escort to the Magistrate’s office to share our picture with a judge.  I even think he really liked it because he gave me an “accommodation,” something he called a “ticket,” but to me, it is an accolade and an award.

After our success with the Winston-Salem Police Department, Will and I decided to head back to the drawing board on how we should fully integrate our chalk art into the mainstream.  Upon discussion, we decided to abandon our “Guerilla” radical movement and focus on skills in our OWN driveway for the time being.

For example, my organic tomato plants aren’t growing as quickly as I’d like, so we drew them bigger!

Perhaps it was the lack of favorable growing conditions and sunshine that has caused my tomato plants’ stunted growth, so we fixed that problem too.

Now that my tomatoes are growing like crazy, I might just go back and visit the Police Department.  Everyone likes free homegrown veggies on sunny days, except this time, I’ll be taking them the real thing, or else I’ll be receiving another “accolade” of sorts.

Speaking of freebies, you can make your own sidewalk chalk.  Here’s a tutorial to make your own.