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I’d Hit That

Posted: September 18, 2012 by baki3626 in Ferne's World
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I’d Hit That – Hot U.S. Politicians

Unless you live under a rock…or fell of the grid, you probably know that this year is a Presidential Election year.  In the spirit of political discourse, I’m dedicating this blog post to a handful of home-grown, United States politicians I’d like to make out with. 

Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States – Because you, Joe Biden, are a “big f@cking deal.”

Sean Duffy, Congressman from Wisconsin (you may know him from MTV’s Real World 6) – He’s a professional lumberjack athlete.  He likes to play with wood.


Barack Obama, POTUS– Yes, yes you can.


Paul Ryan, VP Candidate – He’s runs marathons…in the sack.


Mitt Romney, POTUS Candidate – Mitt’s the shiznit!


Scott Brown, United States Senator from Massachusetts – did a centerfold spread in Cosmopolitan.  Well HELLO Mr. Brown!

Bill Clinton – Former POTUS – He leaves his mark all over the place, especially the ladies hearts.     


Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey – wants to reduce crime.  Book Me!


Aaron Schlock, Congressman from Illinois – “Schlock” rhymes with……..CLOCK!  Geez Louise guys, get your mind out of the gutter.  I’m a mother for goodness sake.

Honorable Mention:  Roger Doofenshmirtz , Mayor of Danville on “Phineas and Ferb” – He’s a cartoon character, but who can resist his charm?


Honorable Mention:  Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and 2008 V.P. Candidate – Sarah Palin has a big ol’ set of lady balls, and she’s smokin’ hot!


Automatic Disqualification:  Former New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner – Mr. Weiner, your last name is a hard for me to get behind.


I mean, who needs “50 Shades of Grey” when you have C-SPAN?  Which political hotties or public servants are on your list?